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Love Over Hate Animation

Root Insurance

When there's an opportunity to be a part of something meaningful, especially with Root Insurance – you take it.

In 2020, Root partnered with race car driver Bubba Wallace – not because of his driving, but because of what he stands for. I had the opportunity to hand-letter some of Bubba's words in this animated spot, and I couldn't have said them better myself!


Custom Typography (hand lettering)


Design/Illustration: Audrey Stemen and 
Ewart Da-Souza
Animation: Chris Schoenman and Zak Tietjen
Music: Michael Cameneti
Sound Design: Kody Orris

Root Team:

Chief Creative Officer: Kelly Ruoff
Executive Creative Director: Jill Neely
Creative Director: Anthony Trimpe
Senior Designer: Jes Martin

Initial Sketches

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